What Are the Saddest Traffic Bollards?

Traffic bollards protect people and vehicles from accident impact, and their job never ends once constructed and put into place. Unfortunately, these 24/7 guardians are rarely recognized by anybody, and some appear to acknowledge that lack of regard, standing unappreciated and fully aware of it. Let’s take a look at some of the most tragic bollard posts.

Mr. Prisoner Stripes

sad black and white traffic post

Look at this bollard. Just look at it! It has sadness written all over it, although not entirely. It wears prison stripes which seem quite metaphorical for its state of existence, with a perpetually sad face painted on its front, likely facing the sidewalk or road curb it stands beside, and yet it carries an air of hope with what looks like a fist painted on its side. It dons a fist of hope to contrast its total isolation and lack of movement, standing as a solid soldier in defiance of emotional distress.

The Lone Hobo Bollard

traffic post on cobblestone sidewalk at night

It’s a cold autumn night, and a somber amber light falls over scattered dead leaves which lie defeated on a cobblestone ground. In the midst of this depressing scene stands a solid, alienated safety post, securely placed to prevent vehicles from entering that destitute land. The buildings in the back offer no comfort for this traffic post, leaving it to guard that empty space with eternal vigilance, much like town marshal Gary Cooper was forced to protect the town of Hadleyville in High Noon. Stay strong, you steel martyr. Stay strong.

The Cyclops Lego Bollard

lego cyclops bollard frowning

This tragic freak is one of several cyclops Lego bollards, but unlike the others it doesn’t bear a smile or a grin or any lively facial expression. Instead it seems to acknowledge its pointlessness as a one-eyed traffic post that is only a spectacle to be laughed at and unappreciated for its protective qualities. It is an emblem of bollard tragedy. It’s okay, little guy. There are worse things than being a decorative traffic bollard. You could be a dead one, for instance.

The Weeping Clown with a Smirk

sad clown bollard post with a smile

Unlike its depressed brothers, this sobbing clown visibly doesn’t take its suffering too seriously, as evidenced by the slight smirk that’s forever wiped across its face. The tears remain frozen in place, midway down his face, as a reminder of the permanent distress it faces, but the smile is surely reassurance that it has a purpose as a protector of pedestrians and passengers. And its position as a clown indicates an ability to laugh at the banality of its existence. All in all, this guy serves as a high note to close this post.