Park Ally | About Us
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About Us


Rapidly Growing. Industry Changing. Innovative. Compassionate. Something Different. Something Better. Smart Management. Service-Oriented with Practical Solutions. We Are Your Solution Management Company.

The Car Park was founded in 2003 and includes our divisions of McLaurin Parking and Park On Call. We are a mid-market firm focused on providing our clients across the United States with customized services tailored to their unique location. Our approach and expertise in staffing, service, application innovation, and revenue control and reporting has led to continued success in our industry and an industry-leading client retention rate.

Our client base includes universities, healthcare providers, airport, municipalities, private garages, retail, and mixed-use locations. We manage and operate parking garages, airport parking, surface parking, large venue and event parking solutions, valet, shuttle and courier transportation services, traffic control, and provide remote management of parking locations.

We also advise many of the nation’s largest equity owners on all matters related to parking. We have a long history of participating in the direction and trends of the parking industry through our involvement in industry organizations.

Contact us today for a proposal. We will provide a solution that out-shines our competition and best fits your unique needs.

Our Vision

Parking is one of the most difficult and dysfunctional parts of modern city life – and that’s no surprise, as it’s barely changed for decades.But Now, we have the technology to make parking function seamlessly – and so much space is lying underutilised. There has to be a better system…
At Park Ally, we are on a mission to make parking easy. Our 5-star apps help over 1.5 million drivers enjoy an easier parking experience – and our award-winning car park technology helps over 20,000 property owners make more efficient use of their assets.Park Ally is dedicated to solving the parking problem by cracking both sides of the market – making parking easy and efficient for everyone.